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Why won't my system restore points set

I have a Dell Inspiron 530 that will not set a restore point. I have plenty room and have tried turning it off and back on to no avail

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Which OS are you using?

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By your question I am not sure which operating system you have (so I give you the XP version here) and if system restore ever worked. If it has but stopped working I suspect either addware or virus issues and you should scan your HDD appropriately to remove those. If it has never worked you may have to reset it. the links included show you how to do all that and how to set system restore up the way you like it. and good luck to you.

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Hi there,

Does that mean if your computer says there are restore points, then I cannot restore my computer? I have had some viruses so i could be that but now I cannot even turn on my computer!

It crashed when putting a camera in the USB driver, so not sure what to do next and have a couple of files that have not been backed up!



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If you are using win7 or above then it automatically creates the restore points but if it is wind Xp then you might have to create restore points manually.

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