How much cost can happen?

my phone fall into water and then i put my phone on charge for 1 and half hour without knowing about anything and later i realised that i made a mistake. now my phone is totally off . what to do now ? how much cost will occure ? help me please.

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Hi there, unfortunately if your phone was completely submerged in water then connected to power the phone may be destroyed. If the phone was exposed to a minimal amount of water damage it may be possible to replace only the parts that have water damage. Unfortunately we don't have a guide for that model phone however it may be added soon so feel free to check again at a later date.

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Hoi Snehadip,

My phone also fell (with the lower part) in the water. I had the same problems.

I renewed the digital LCD display and the USB charging board. My phone is fine again, only the micophone doesn't work anymore due to corrosion of the connector at the lower part on the flat cable. I am searching for a new cable.

I am trying to get an new cable but Lenovo won't help me, (they say I am not "qualified" to repair a phone ;-). ) so I am still looking for a new black flat cable. But the externe microphone with the earphones works well, so I saved my phone....

Perhaps you can do the same?

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