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Laptops manufactured by Toshiba.

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I can't log into my computer

On my computer you have to log into the computer itself before you can log into the account.

When you first turn on the computer after turning it on after a shut down there is a black screen with a blue bar that says "Enter Password" well I can't log in because one of my keys won't work and I can't fix the keyboard so I need a way to either fix the key on my laptop or I need a way to reset that password can anyone help with that?

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Plug in a USB keyboard, then once in change the password to something that can be typed into your broken keyboard?

Alternatively you could try use ALT- combinations and see if they work. For example, hold down ALT and press 115 on your numpad to get an 's'.

Upper case letters are accessed with ALT-65 (for 'A') to ALT-90 (for 'Z').

Smaller case letters are ALT-97 ('a') to ALT-122 (for 'z').

If you need special characters try starting at ALT-33 (for '!') and work your way up from there or google 'ANSI Codes' for a list of all characters.

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Hi is there not a accessibility option bottom right corner for on screen keyboard to use mouse with

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