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Touch screen not respond

The touch screen works only in the recovery mode

I have done hard reset and still the problem !!?????

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If I'm not mistaken you navigate with the volume buttons and the power button in recovery mode so you don't use the touch screen . So the digitizer is not working so as you did not specify which oppo phone you have I canot direct you to a digitizer but you can find them on ebay or amazon . Oppo Phone Repair

This guide page will show screen replacement for 3 different oppo phones . Hope this helps

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I have oppo a37

My problem is there is no responding from touch screen at all ,so I tried to fix the problem with hard reset but it not help

When I was trying to do the hard reset i see touch screen Respond well but only in the recovery mode ,after reboot the phone to normal mode still the problem no responding from touch screen .


hi I am currently using f1s screen can’t be touch no response what will I do?


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Oppo r831k touch not working

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