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Released on September 19, 2014, this 5.5" screen iPhone is the larger version of the iPhone 6.

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Water Damage iPhone 6 plus stuck on how to proceed

I had my phone in a water proof case, long story short, water got inside, and my phone turned off seconds later. What have done is taken my phone apart completely, and I ended up taking the logic board out completely as well. I soaked the logic board about 2 times for an hour or so just to be sure. I lightly brushed the logic board and it doesn't appear to have any signs of corrosion as far as I'm concerned since I soaked it in alcohol 2 hours after everything happen. After the logic board dried, I attempted to power up the phone hours later. No power at all. I just got a new battery today and the phone doesn't power on at all. I have yet to remove the EMI shields at this moment but I have includes pictures if anyone can point out what may be wrong.

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First of all, congratulations on not falling for the rice myth. While your intervention wasn't successful, you may have limited the damage and made this phone recoverable.

Close-up pictures would be better but from what I can see, the connectors on the front of the board appear to have a lot of corrosion. Chances are if you peeled off the black sticker surrounding the connectors you would see some more corrosion.

On the back side, the single large (relatively speaking) capacitor by the screw hole on the top left is corroded and often times it fails after water damage. At this point, if you can't remove the shields, your best bet is to send it off to a professional. A professional repair shop that does water damage repair may be able to recover your phone or the data because they have access to pro-level ultrasonic baths and specialized cleaners as well as the skills to troubleshoot your board. Many shops have a no fix/no fee policy so you don't have to spend money to find out if the phone is fixable or not.

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What places do you recommend?

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I offer these services via mail-in, as do a few other frequent contributors on this forum. You can check my profile for my contact info.

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What if I could remove the shields what would you recommend?

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You can't do much more than you already have. If you have the right tools, then remove the shields and clean and brush with IPA. If your very lucky, this will be sufficient. However, the problem is usually deep underneath the IC's and the only way to do that is is with an ultrasonic bath and specialized cleaner. Even then, not all phones are recoverable.

So if this phone or data is worth something to you, then it is worth trying to repair or recover. Otherwise, invest your money towards a new phone and donate your water damaged phone to a local repair shop so they can salvage some parts and keep it out of the landfill.

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Is it worth changing the flex cable at all? And is not removing the shields and doing regular cleaning enough? Referring to the charging flex cable

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