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Dual Sim 4G setting

On my Blu Vivo phone, with dual sim, it will only allow 4G LTE service on one line. The other sim setup defaults to 2G only when the 4G etc option is selected on the first sim. This severely limits my use of a second sim/line, as 2G service is not available at my home, only 4G.

Is there a fix for this? Or is there another Blu model that doesn't have this limitation?

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To clarify my question, if 4G is selected on sim one, the only choice for sim 2 becomes 2G.

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This limitation exists in almost all the dual-SIM phones... Look in for phone specifications. BTW can you not use 3G for the other sim?

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Now with the above in mind, AT&T just shut off nearly all 2G service on their towers and T-Mobile has already started and will finish around 2020 I believe. However at any moment they can decide to make that sooner. If your area has 2G shut down, then a symptom of any phone connected to 2G will look like it "has no service." 

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