Phone wont turn on light flashing

I bought my Wileyfox 2 Plus phone 2 months ago and when I woke up this morning my phone had died during the night but I was not able to charge my phone until the morning when I plugged my phone I noticed the red light which indicates that the phone is charging was flashing which is unusual. An hour later or so I tried to turn on the phone but the phone wouldn't turn on I searched online for answers. I cannot take out the battery on my phone and I have attempted a simulated battery pull. I am using the standard charger which came with the phone. I have been charging with a wall charger for 8 hours and I noticed the wall charger doesn't get warm usually it gets a little warm. I have also tried charging my phone through my computer Please help

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Same issue just this morning, what gave you done about it since?


Hi! I had the same issue : i bought a new USB wire to fix it.


I had a software update yesterday. During the drive to Heathrow, phone bluescreened, then reset. Left it charging overnight and this morning it won't turn on and the charging light is flashing. I'm now abroad with no phone and no idea how to solve.


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hi @knowingmak

i have the same phone and i don't know if you still have the phone (or this issue) but i would try booting into recovery and if boots then try resetting the phone or restarting the phone. if this does not work the phone should still be under warranty they are quite friendly when accepting returns under warranty

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