Trying to keep XPS connected to web.

Two-month-old laptop. Spend more time with Dell service and reloading Op Sys than I do using machine. Using Google as browser, BING from Windows seems to stay "Hijacked by an advertiser" as I was able to get back once. May take a half-dozen tries to get out, only to have Bing report: "Unable to Connect to this Page." This got worse after being hijacked a couple of weeks ago while trying to download a printer driver from HP. (Couldn't get driver to work. Connected with HP Service. The next thing I know they are in my op sys looking around and wanted $300.00 plus to insure "correct operation of my machine for a year"! Pulled the plug, pulled the air-card and ran for Dell tech service over the phone. Tech service (pre-paid for a year) couldn't seem to find anything wrong, and machine went four or five days ok. Now I'm back to spending more time that its worth to just try and use this thing. What am I doing wrong?

Should a 79-year-old not be allowed out here?

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Part of the problem sounds like malware has been loaded on your computer. The other part is you need more awareness of the possibility of some sites that will load malware without your permission. You can scan for malware using Malware Bytes (found online). There are always new dangers including fake support services. If you still have problems then you should back up your data and reinstall the operating system and start with a clean system.

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This is a good place to start. Here's a direct link to the MalwareBytes download so you don't have to worry about installing the wrong thing and making the problem worse ;)


Jeff Thank you for the MalwareBytes lead. And Dr. Glowire for your help.


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