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Procesador Intel Core i7 de cuatro núcleos a 2,2 GHz (Turbo Boost de hasta 3,4 GHz) o 2,5 GHz (Turbo Boost de hasta 3,7 GHz) con 6 MB de caché L3 compartida.

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Constant buzzing sound from right speaker


A few weeks ago my MacBook fell from the front passenger seat when I slammed on the breaks and then it started making a crackling noise every once in a while.

It sounded like this

And now its gone worse, it has a constant buzzing noise through the speaker and even when I plug in my earphones in the headphone jack. And the noise increases and decreases by changing the volume.

However when I plug in a thunderbolt dock, the noise goes away.

Now, is this something that is user serviceable? If so, which parts and tools do I need and can I get them from iFixit?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Here you have a the removal process for the speakers and here the parts to buy to replace it. Is hard to say that your problem is other than the speakers. It does not cost you much to try and see if this will do the work>

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Thanks for the reply.

Just as I was going to place the order, I checked the speakers again because I had put the sound balance all the way to the left, and surprisingly its not buzzing anymore. This doesn't make any sense.

Everything is back to normal and its not even making that crackling sound anymore.

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Found this thread on Google; figured I’d leave my comment here in case someone else finds it useful.

My right speaker started crackling shortly after I replaced the battery in my 2014 MBPr. It turned out that I had accidentally pinched one of the speaker wires upon reassembly. Applied some tape and tucked the wires under the screw mount and all is well again.

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