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After Screen & Flex Cable Replacement Ambient Light Sensor Not Working

I recently replaced the screen on my iPhone 7 Plus. During my initial attempt I permanently damaged the (double bonded) flex cable for the speaker, sensors, & camera so I ordered a replacement.

I got the replacement for that flex cable a couple days ago and installed it. Everything is working (camera, speaker & proximity sensor) except for the ambient light sensor. On the original screen I noticed that there is a white filter that I did not see an easy way to transfer to the replacement. Is this filter necessary for the ambient light sensor to function properly or do I possibly have a bad sensor and need to seek a replacement for the cable?

Not having the ambient light sensor working is not necessarily a show stopper but it would definitely be nice to be back to having a fully functional phone.

Update (08/10/2017)

Well, after transferring the filter over to the new display it still doesn't seem to be working. In fact, it seems to be getting random values from the sensor. If I turn auto-brightness off and then back on it will settle at different brightnesses at different times. Very weird.

Anyway, I called the seller and they are sending a replacement. Crossing my fingers that it will work correctly.

Update (08/21/2017)

I hadn't updated my post. Life has kind of gotten in the way. I received the replacement part and it's actually worse than the original. Not only did the ambient light sensor not work but the front speaker didn't work. I had to change back to the original replacement and just deal with no automatic screen brightness.

Part of me wonders if something got damaged on the board? When I was swapping in the replacement part I noticed that part of the foam surrounding the socket might have been pushed into the socket. My eyes aren't as good as they used to be for focusing on small things and I don't have a microscope to ensure the socket is completely clean of foam or glue but nothing changed after I pushed the foam back. I'm hoping that nothing got fried on the system board. I did make sure to disconnect the battery during my repair. It was always the first and last thing to get disconnected and reconnected.

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Keep the community posted. You could also change your edit into an answer (which you can then accept) so that people who see this in the future understand what solved your problem.

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This is nothing to do with the problem what you have written about

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This is happening more frequently.. Lots of issues with the 7 and 7 plus screen replacements. For some reason, changing the LCD fixes the issue for me. I've tried changing the sensor and loudspeker and all other flexes, but only changing the whole LCD assembly fixes it for me.

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I might order a new full front panel/LCD. I've not been very satisfied with the one I got (not from iFixit). The colors are all washed out compared to the original. But even worse for me is the 3D touch is kind of hit or miss. 3D touch on the left edge of the screen is overly sensitive and then the lower part of the screen tends to not be sensitive enough. Often times swiping right tends to activate the task switcher rather than just swiping right. It's rather irritating. I've not ever had this bad of experience with replacement screens of course they hadn't ever had this much technology in them.

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Well it looks like an aftermarket screen quality issue just particularly with the glass.

Alignment, distance from the ambient / proximity sensor glass holes and the color finish for the filters of those holes all have an impact on the sensitivity and functionality of them both.

I've only just started doing iPhone 7s starting from last week and luckily my supplier I haven't had issues like these yet.

I get my aftermarket iPhone 7 screens for $50 USD.

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I've had nothing but problems with aftermarket iPhone 7 screens.. original quality seems to be the only option at the moment for repair techs if you want the repair to last more than a couple days :/

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I’m a little obsessed with this stuff now, 3 years later, I wonder if the OP ever resolved the issue. Google search lead me here a few weeks ago when I replaced my screen with something off Amazon. After losing auto brightness, I started reading all the reviews for the product and saw one poster said the screen didn’t come with an ambient light sensor. Nobody else that reviewed the product mentioned anything, guess they didn’t care about auto brightness or they’re fake reviews. Anyway, purchased another screen and front camera from a reputable vendor and all is well in the world again. I’m staying away from Amazon and eBay from now on for this stuff. But back on topic, the front camera and sensor cable I received didn’t have any of the rubber or foam pieces that the OEM cable had. For example, the ambient light sensor is bare, didn’t have that little square rubber piece around it. I didn’t transfer any of that stuff to the new screen, the new screen didn’t have that white filter. However, despite all that, everything works just fine. The front camera takes great photos, earpiece works, and auto brightness works. All this repairing stuff is kinda fun, this iPhone 7+ was purchased new at the Apple Store not too long after launch and has served me well, being able to make my own repairs and extend the life of the phone is well more fun than buying a new iPhone IMHO.

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