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Guides and repair information for the Lenovo Thinkpad T430, a 14-inch business laptop by Lenovo.

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ThinkPad T430 suddenly powers off after some time


My T430 suddenly powers off. It does not show any sort of warning, blue screen of death or anything else. It just powers off completly. And it does not turns on until the battery is removed and installed again. If it is running on AC power i.e without battery, the power cord has to be plugged out and again plugged in to make it work again.

The time interval to turn off is completely random, sometimes 1 min, 1 hour, 10 sec etc. And it can happen after boot, in bios or anywhere else.

I have confirmed that it is not a heating issue by running a stress test for more than an hour and it worked fine.

I have also tried changing RAM, removing HDD, removing ultrabay disk drive, but doing these does not produce any difference.

I have also tried pressing the power button for 60 sec, but does not make any difference.

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Could be few possibilities.

Battery, Harddisk, RAM.

Check these 3.

Worst case scenario, the motherboard itself is dying. As these are the symptoms.

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Thanks for you reply

Without battey: Same condition

Without Harddisk: Same condition

Changed RAM: Same condition

Motherboard dying?

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Did you ever find a solution for this? My beloved X60 Tablet has been doing the same thing for the past few months. It isn't my main computer, but I keep it around for sentimental purposes . The only difference with my plight is the time, it's quite predictable, i.e. a few hours of continuous use before it powers off.

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It's not Windows 10 because I’m running Linux Mint in a T430 and happens to me for first time since I have it. I bought it used from Amazon about 2 years ago. The only upgrade I did for it, is a new lenovo battery.

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I have 5 E540 touch screen and 2 regular E540 Thinkpads that all are shutting down at various times. If I remove the battery it seems to cure this disease. I have brand new batteries and a couple original batteries so I don't believe it's the battery. I monitor the temperatures and they aren't near hot enough to trigger a shutdown. I've done the removing battery, charge cable then pressing the power button and this doesn't change anything. I've updated the BIOS with still no success. I've change the power settings including setting the processor to 100%. Still nothing doing. I've also installed the latest Power Management software and this does't seem to help either....... So what's going on? Does anyone have a solution. I purchased these laptops, upgraded them all to more RAM and i7 processors for resale and I cannot sell them in this condition. BTW, I checked one unit with the standard i3 that came with this model and it does the same thing. It's definitely not the processor exchange and I cannot believe that all my motherboards are defective. Again, What's going on??? My last guess is maybe it's a Windows 10 glitch.

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Have you tried disabling auto restart (I realize that you have Lenovo laptops but setting is the same) to see if there is an error message on shutdown or possibly getting Memory dumps to see if they shed any light on the problem?

Try installing Win 7 on a machine and see if the problem arises. If not then it most likely is associated with Win 10

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