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Headphone jack, microphones, and earpiece not working.

The headphone jack, microphones, and earpiece are not working. The loudspeaker works fine. These items stopped working after I replaced the screen. I even tried the iPhone 7 dongle from lightning connector to jack and it still doesn't register headphones but the connector itself works perfectly fine.

On some rare occurrence, when I'm tinkering on the inside of the phone and swapping some screws out for other ones, everything would work for about 5 seconds and then it wouldn't anymore. I already checked for LSD (Long-Screw Damage) and didn't see any damage to the standoffs.

I've replaced the earpiece and front camera flex so I know those are in working condition. I have had issues with the headphone jack in the past but it got stuck on headphone mode and required a restart to get working again. I know it's all the microphones (bottom, top, and rear) because I've done multiple tests on each microphone including rear video, Siri, and voice memos.

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Sorry but I think you are out of luck. It's most likely the audio ic chip that needs to be replaced on the logic board.

You will need to get someone that does micro soldering on iPhones to replace it.

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Have you tried replacing the bottom speaker port?

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No I haven't, would that one port be the cause of ALL the microphones (and the earpiece) across the phone though? I just got started into phone repair so I wouldn't know anyways.


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