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iPhone 7 bent, a way to fix?

I have gotten an iPhone u pre-used and it aparently has been bent

What do i do?

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2 Respuestas

Yes, it is possible to fix!

First off you will need to purchase a new back housing for your iPhone 7. Unfortunately, iFixit does not offer this part in their store, but I'm sure you would be able to find one elsewhere.

After purchasing the part, you should be able to follow this repair guide to complete the fix: Reemplazo de tapa trasera del iPhone 7

*Keep in mind that in replacing the back housing it will no longer be waterproof/water resistant as if you purchased a brand new phone.

I hope this helps you in your efforts to fix your iPhone 7!

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do you know of a place that could possably fix it for me? (as am not really skilled for this)

- de

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Send your iPhone 7 to a big repair store or Mobile phone repair Alliance.

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