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Lanzado el 25 de septiembre de 2015. Modelo A1688 / A1633 . La reparación de este dispositivo es similar a las generaciones anteriores, que requieren destornilladores y herramientas de palanca. Disponible como GSM o CDMA / 16 , 64 , o 128 GB / plata, oro, gris espacio, o la opcion de oro rosa.

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iPhone 6s not turning on or charging

Hi all, so last week I bought a battery replacement for my iPhone 6s from ifixit. All the installation went well and I got to use my phone the whole week until this morning. So, my battery was low last night so I decided to let it died completely and thinking to charge it this morning. When I woke up and plugged in my iPhone, there was no battery symbol on the iPhone. its like it is not charging at all. I plugged in for like an hour and tried to turn it back on but nothing works. I even tried hard reset but no luck. let me make this easy

_ iPhone's battery died completely overnight

_ plugged into charger in the morning but its not charging

_ can't turn on or do anything about it

_ tried hard reset but not working

anybody can help me please?

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Try using another battery and if it still does not charge then you have a charging U2 IC problem which needs professional repair.

If it works with new battery, the other one was faulty.

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possible power ic issue (simple way to put it) which would be repairable by a main board specialist.

quick test is open phone, disconnect battery , plug phone to mains and see if apple logo appears after a few seconds (it will appear for a few seconds , go off and repeat)

if the apple logo appears then its a good indication you have a power ic issue . if it doesnt then could just be a defective battery . aftermarket batteries are pants tbh

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to followup were your original battery issues plagued by major drain even when phone not in use.

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I got the exact some problem before with my original battery. It all fixed when I replaced it with a new battery tho. But now it happened again.

And both original and my current battery drain very fast. its just keep draining even when I'm not using it

- de

when you said "plug phone to mains" do you mean plug the phone to the charger when the battery still disconnected?

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