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Model A1318 / 32 or 64 GB capacity

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What Cleaning Solution To Use For iPod Touch Display Screen?

I would like to get some advice about what is the best cleaning solution and cloth to buy to keep my iPod Touch 32 GB display screen clean and spotless from fingerprints, smearing, etc. I have tried cleaning it with a lint free cloth and warm water, but that doesn't help much. I read or heard anything with alcohol or Windex could permanently damage the display screen on these devices.

Yhanks for your help and advice.


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I prefer Sprayway. Spray it on a soft cloth lightly and then wipe the screen. Never spray directly on electronics.

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I spray windex onto a paper towel and LIGHTLY clean off all the fongerprints and such. That, or a t-shirt also works really well for me.

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Windex contains Ammonia and will damage the screen..


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i prefer iClean ,this is the best spray for screens,



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