Tablets backlight didn't work, now tablet doesn't turn on at all

I had a problem with the backlight of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 a month after getting it as a Christmas present - tried every button combination imaginable to restart it and researched whatever I could but pretty much all of the in depth results are for different kinds of Samsung tablets, probably because there isn't much variation in the names and becsuse it's a recent tablet. Decided to open the tablet myself and attempt to fix it with what little knowledge I gathered and by the time I'd fiddled about, panicked more than I'd liked and put it back together I was hoping for the best but nothing at all, not even sound, the most I get now is the area near the charger port heating up slightly when plugged in. I have a terrible rep with electronics as is and considering this is a £200 tablet I was hoping to not deal with the wrath of my parents (I'm 16) but I'm hoping this thread might be my saviour - any ideas as to how to fix it or at least find out what the problem is? And would it be possible to take it somewhere to get fixed inconspicuously without spending all my money because I am quite idiotic and didn't think about warranty etc etc?

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