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Model A1204 / 1 or 2 GB capacity

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iPod shuffle misbehaving, with very weird symptoms

Ok folks, I know it is kinda dumb to ask something about such an obsolete device, but until now it has been working impeccably... until a certain sad moment when my favorite Ipod shuffle second gen failed me :(

SO what are the symptoms? First of all, it did not play any music. Several earpods have been tested by me, none of them work. The sound of plugged earpods (like you know, the white noise you hear when no music is playing but ipod is on) also did not appear. The light indicators behave very randomly. When I press some buttons and try resetting the device they light up, usually the green light blinks quite randomly. When Ipod is connected to the computer, it is also blinking. But aside from that, nothing happens. When I am 'switching the songs', it does not react. Neither do the volume buttons work.

iTunes won't see it, either. I tried fixing the bugs following all the advice from the official apple website, but it was futile effort. Indeed, the driver for Apple Mobile Device, or whatver, was having an exclamation point next to it, indicating a problem, but after all the attempts to fix the faulty driver I have simply given up. Apparently installing iTunes on a different computer with a connected iPod failed altogether because the freaking iPod is messing with the computer. I really love it, and it has served me for long 6 years. I took a good care of it and I would like to use it just a little longer :( Please help if you know how to

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Okay, I have a similar problem, but my shuffle does not load either. In my case, I've already verified that this is a hardware problem. Have you tried using other programs other than apple?

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do not judge your ipod as something obsolete because it is old, often they show themselves with better durability and practicality than those sold today ... hope you can help your 6 year old companion

- de

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You need to wine and dine it first, if this does not work try whispering a few sweet nothings into the ear phones, of course make sure the i-pod is turned on first.... Then gently slide the earphone cable into the socket... Nice and slow yhhhh just like that and it may play a song or two. no I have the same problem and im getting annoyed.

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