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The OPPO N1 is an Android smart phone developed by OPPO Electronics unveiled September 23, 2013.

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Why my camera isn't working

I have an oppo N1 phone and the camera in it isn't working , when I start the camera app it says (error connot connect to camwea) and then the phone restart immediately the same thing happens when I start the flash or try to send a picture .. my brother upgraded the Android version to Android 5.1 blisspop .

And he said the camera was working and then it stopped ( on the last Android version it wasn't) . And I tried to delete cash ,restart the phone ...and all it's still the same .. can you please help ??!

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do a factory reset. It might help

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I did ... Nothing happened

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Have you done a hard reset already? Found a video on youtube that might help.

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I did a hard rest and it didn't work , plus the Android version on my phone is blisspop 5.1 and it has alot of recovery op .. I'm not that good in electronics tbh so...

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I mean is a factory reset out of the question?

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I did the factory rest and before I did , I deleted the cash from the factory menu but it didn't work ...

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