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Model A1224 / Early 2009 / 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Non Working Fan Location

According to Hardware Test Code: 4 MOT/1/40000003:HDD-1365 it seems my fan is not working. Does this also damage a HD and how do I tell both or one or the other needs replaced.

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The increase of temperature caused by a HD fan not working can lead to a very hot situation and damage to your computer. Apple has always been aware of a ventilation problem in their iMac but acted like there was none, finally changing the iMac design in 2010 with a deeper back and promoting the new iMac as better ventilated!

I have two iMac Intel DuoCore and both were running pretty hot, especially with intensive use of the HD or CPU, up to the point that the high temperature ended up screwing the DVD burner on long session of DVD burning, with mistakes in the burning, very slow burning, burning interruption, etc. In fact, one of my iMac finally ended up with a non-working fan too.

One small free solution is to download smcFanControl ( which gives you the current temperature inside your iMac when it is on, and allows you to vary the speed of fans at three locations : ODD, HDD and CPU.

When I know I am going to intensively use the CPU or HDD, I increase the rmp of all three location fans and get them back to normal (Apple default) after. Since then no more extra hot temperature!

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Agreed + (iStat Pro is another handy tool to observe whats going on in your computer).

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