The OP-1 is a portable music workstation incorporating a synthesizer, sampler, sequencer, multitrack recorder, drum machine, mixer and controller.

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Why won't audio come from the right channel of my OP-1?

I have made sure that all the tracks are panned towards the center, but no audio comes from the right channel. If it is plugged into speakers or headphones and panned to the center, audio only comes from the left side. If it is panned to the right no audio come out. I was curious as to if there is something I am missing or if this is a hardware problem that requires repairs/parts. Thanks!

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You most likely have your External sync set to pocket operator sync. See section 10.7 in the Op-1 manual. It uses the right channel to send sync data, therefore no audio will come thru. I did this once already and was baffled for a few days, I almost bought a new board even!

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