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having these white spots (about 19 of them).

My LG tv is also having these white spots (about 19 of them). My model is 60'' LA 6200 about 3+ years old. How can I solve this problem? Is this an indication LG tv are inferior?

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Vincent Chua those are definitely your LED backlight strips. there are little caps that cover the LED 's tops, they must have come off. you do need to take your TV and your panel apart. Not an easy job but doable.


No, LG tv's are best in all ways its common problem with LED tv and happens only with some lucky LG (fan) user like us.

I had same issue with my LG LED TV and I have solved it at Home.

You can also solve it at home.

It is problem arise due to LED reflectors that falls down from their position. You just need to place them back to their position and thats it.

Watch youtube videos for support.

Also reply with Comment for more help.


took tv apart and glued all the led reflectors back in.Now I can see every light through the tv .Help


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Vincent Chua no it is not. It sounds like a failed LED backlight strip. Post some images of what your screen displays. Use this guide Adding images to an existing question for that.This will help us to properly determine the cause. On most of these TV's it is possible to replace the strips, however they are part of the panel and require you to disassemble it.

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Well, that would be the problem of the led reflectors that fell off…

I've done a video how I fixed it here.

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