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Lenovo Essential G560. This laptop has a 15.6" screen, along with a full keyboard with number pad.

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My laptop is stuck in PDF mode not word

My laptop is stuck in PDF mode and I cannot convert anything to a word document. I need to edit documents.

Thank you

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When you mean "pdf" mode, do you mean that microsoft word is saving your documents as .pdfs? To stop it from doing that, when you save the file, make sure to "save as" and select .docx. If you cannot find your original source .doc or .docx files, you are going to have to use adobe acrobat pro (or similar) to edit the pdfs.

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Saving a PDF file shouldn’t be difficult on any device. However, with the introduction of new features, most of us have to scratch our heads when trying to save a file in PDF format. In you case, you can try a professional PDF program, such as SwifDoo PDF, which will help you proceed PDF editing easy as a Word file.

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