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La PlayStation 3 Slim es la segunda versión de la videoconsola PS3 con el número de modelo original CECH-2000. Producida por Sony Computer Entertainment, solucionó muchos problemas de la Playstation 3 original (gruesa). Salió a la venta el 1 de septiembre de 2009.

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damaged PS3 over heating problem

HI can anyone help my so called better half dropped my PS3 slim got to turn the power on and off about 10 or more times before i can get a signal on Tv when i do finaly get it going olny able to play 2 games at most then screen freezes got to start all over again turning on and off. sent it off to be repaired but they said due to over heating it cant be repaired. Would that be the mother board if so could you tell me where i could buy one and how much it would cost its a 250G model or would it be easy buying new consloe thank.Baz UK

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It might be a problem with the GPU, you should try opening it, losening the heatsinks, then evenly re-tightening them.

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thanks will try as soon as i get it back from repair shop

- de

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I most certainly agree with Chris green and here are a few ideas that might work for you and youtube has tons of videos that can show you different tricks as well. Ultimately I do believe that this issue is caused by loose/cracked solder connections of the GPU You can try this site which will introduce you to the reflow of the board.

are the links to my storage in case you need some help and need a manual. It is a big file and is in RAR format so do feel free to download it.

Good luck to you.

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