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Lanzado en Septiembre 16, 2016. Modelos 1660, 1778. Disponible en GSM o CDMA / 32, 128, o 256 GB / Oro Rosa, Oro, Plata, Negro Mate y Negro Brillante.

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Screen going from black to apple logo black and white

My phone died, I put it to charge. After 15 seconds of plugging it in, clicked power button, brought up battery not charged screen. Then I noticed it started doing the cycle of black to apple white and black screen as if it were going to start up, then to blueish. I might add that the home button is not working so I'm going to assume there's no power going to the taptic engine, which must mean it is dead. But somehow it is still flashing. Thanks,

God Bless

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Have you tried to open it and see if the connectors are bad or not fully seated? Sometimes the cables go bad, or possibly become un-seated. Also if the home button is not working, it may have a bad flex cable and need to be replaced or possibly a simple un-hook then re-hook again

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