How to remove the LCD black frame in the ASUS N550JK?


I have an issue (black/flickering screen, it's the usual issue with the N550 series - JK, JV etc.) with my ASUS N550JK notebook. Full screen, antiglare, _not_ touchscreen.

How do I correctly remove the black frame? Is it fixed using a biadhesive tape or with some teeths/clips inside?

I wouldn't want to break some clips...

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dont have my old pics but you can just google it, the culprit is the monitors cable thats attached to the mother board under the black cover of your laptop, as its pulling on the cable while you open your laptop (which is why some users experience flashes on their screen when they open it) . If youre lucky just pull the plug directly upwards and plug it back in.

What i do is, unplug the monitor cable, open my laptop screen around 90 Degrees while holding the cable down when opening it then plugging it right back in and see if that works , then close the black lid, usally that might fix the problem, but i had to leave it open 24/7 or id have to redo the process again.

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Hi X X,

yes, I know very well the issue of this series.

Another solution I thought of is securing the lcd cable to the nearby metal hinge (using a small plastic band like those used by electricians) so that the lid opening/closing won't pull the motherboard's connector. Do you think it could work? If only ASUS had used a longer cable...

However my main question was:

in case I want to reach all the lcd cable (for changing it or inspectioning etc.), I have to remove the black frame of the lcd screen.

How do I remove it?

Is it fixed with some sort of biadhesive tape or with some teeths/clips inside?


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