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Model A1288 / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity

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Hangs on apple logo for 1 day

Tried jailbreaking my iPod touch 2g mc with spirit when it said done I took out the USB cable and it tried to reboot but has been stuck on the apple logo ever since.

Please help.

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2 Respuestas

Did you try plugging it back into the computer? If not, try that. If that doesn't work press and hold the power and home buttons till it restarts.

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I plugged it back in and tried to restore and restart it but nothing has been working.

- de

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I have had a smilier prob with my 2nd gen 32 gig.

also i had tried the fix you have here it went in to a looping mode until the battery went dead.

I have had it plugged into my mac for the last month and the best i got so far is it is no longer looping but I do have the red battery an that is as far as it gets

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