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Reparar información en unidades de disco o discos duros. Los discos duros son dispositivos magnéticos de almacenamiento de datos. Se utilizan en la mayoría de las computadoras de escritorio, portátiles y servidores debido a su bajo costo y alta densidad de datos.

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How do I repair a physical damaged HDD?

I damaged my drive!

Block Image!AlFLj0-HtZeJiUXMYscC...

How do I fix this

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Just jump a wire across.

Warning! Do not compromise the case seal of the drive, if the drive is exposed to outside ar, it is ruined for good.

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I agree with @tomchai here. A bit of fine soldering with a jumper wire across the damage should get you going. You'll likely need to get a piece emory cloth to carefully scrape off the insulation enough so you can solder to it a small wire.

Even still this will be a fragile repair so you'll want to off load whats on the drive ASAP and dispose of it.

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I solder it with a jumper wire but it’s still not working.

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Then you need to find out exactly what went wrong instead of just fixing the obvious broken wire. As long as the parts inside the sealed casing is working, this should still be repairable.

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Are you sure you have a good electrical connection? I would check it with an Ohm or continuity meter. You did use a soldering Iron and solder right?

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Solder connection is right, I check the continuity. Diodes are also right, PCB is little bit corrode so I clean it up but the drive is still not working.

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You are probably going to have to buy a used hard drive with a good cable and exchange it. Hard drives seldom get this type of damage, so a used drive would most likely have a good part. Look the drive up using the model number and you can probably find one on eBay.

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If you can't get the jumper I think @mayer idea of finding a junker to steal the cable is the only hope. Even still it's going to take some careful desoldering & re-soldering to get it installed.

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Would it be possible to replace the board without data loss?

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@pccheese The data is on the drive platters, the board is for control and power.

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Yes, but the cache is on the board. So I would think you would think you would have to transfer that chip.

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