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Flash not working after screen and battery replacement

I dropped my phone and shattered the screen in a spectacular fashion. Both cameras and the flash worked after that happened. I ordered new parts from iFixIt and replaced the screen and popped in a new battery just two days later

Now I've got no flash! Didn't realize how often I used it as a flashlight until last night when I was trying to navigate a dark house.

Opened the phone back up today and reseated all the connectors, including the rear camera, and had the LED flash working right until I put it back together, now no flash again, but cameras both work fine. Flashlight is available, just doesn't light the LED anymore.

Any ideas what may be wrong?

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I purchased a power button flex, but other issues popped up while I was waiting for time to work on it. The screen seems to have less sensitive areas than others, I thought that was due to the screen protector I added. The front camera became intermittent, then went completely out. I also noticed 2-5 lines from the top of the display showing up at the bottom. And last night the whole display became non-responsive. I'm sending it out for some help.

I'll let you know what the verdict is.


Hi trose95822,

I have the same problem too, after replacing my iphone 6 (no plus) screen, the flash stopped working. It does not work either in torch mode or in photo / video mode.

The rear camera works well.

When the torch button is pressed, the flash flashes for a few moments, as in this video (

I recently replaced the flash but still have the same problem.

Did you manage to solve it??

Thanks in advance.


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You should try to replace the Power Button Flex; it contains the Flash. It was probably damaged by the impact of the drop.

Follow this guide.

Imagen iPhone 6 Power Button Cable and Bracket


iPhone 6 Power Button Cable and Bracket


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If this piece is replaced will the touch id still work ?


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