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Stuck in recovery after boot up

Hello, I had downloaded and been running the iOS 11 beta for about the last month but today I decided to restore my iPhone 7 plus back to iOS 10. I downloaded the IPSW file and connected my phone to iTunes then while holding option I clicked update and selected the IPSW. iTunes puts my phone into recovery mode and then iTunes extracts the software and verifies the update with apple. It even installed the new software and verified it. Then a box saying my iPhone has been updated and will restart pops up. It also says to leave the phone connected to the iTunes. Once the phone restarts it goes right back into the recovery mode and iTunes says there is a problem and gives me the option to update or restore. The entire process repeats itself whether I click update or restore. I don't mind losing any data on the phone but I just need to get it working again and I don't know what I'm doing wrong. My phone can't get past the recovery no matter how many times I restore it or restart it.

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Definitely not fun, experienced the same a couple weeks ago. There is software you can install which can possibly help with stuck devices ( have to pay for it ) or you can download 10.3.3, I always download directly from Apple or other trusted sources. Once downloaded you have to manually install the older iOS , if you’re using a Mac : Click restore while simultaneously hitting option . It will then ask you for the path of the file you’d like to install. I usually just save the file to my desktop to make it easier to locate. After iOS 10 is reinstalled you will not be able to restore from an iOS 11 backup so most likely you will loose everything if you don’t have an iOS 10 backup. Public beta is now available and I’ve installed it on a secondary device (which Apple recommended initially) so far so good, definitely less glitchy, still might wait a bit longer before installing it back on my primary device. Best of luck!

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