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Leaks gallons of water

Start a load of clothes, while through its process of despensing water to spin. It will make a terrible noise and try to spin. The washer bowl itself is off balance and leaks gallons of water into the house!

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I would check the input hoses and drain hose. the input hoses and drain hoses do rot over time depending on the material of the hose. Also, depending on the area you are in, you may have more sediment build up in the mesh screens on the input hoses. Check for build up. If neither of those solutions solve your problem, it could be a broken tub bearing like @oldturkey03 mentioned, or it could be the tub boot. The tub boot is a rubber gasket that retains the water in a tub around the main drum. Once that boot develops a tear it needs to be replaced. Replacing a tub boot can be tricky if your agitator refuses to come apart from the main drum. I would suggest troubleshooting a bit more and trying to find a parts diagram for your machine. Good luck.

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@kelcli20 depending on your exact make and model, this could be caused by a broken tub, broken tub bearing as well as accidentally disconnected drain hose at the tub. Let us know what exact make and model your washer is and if you have already tried to look deeper into this issue, post some images of what you see. Use this guide for that.

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