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El Apple Watch Series 1 es una versión renovada del Apple Watch original anunciado el 7 de septiembre de 2016. La mayoría de las partes son las mismas que en el Series !.

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Can I Repair my iwatch

Wanting to know if this is fixable...

Apple Watch Series 1 had small crack on screen then was submerged in water.

It still worked after but battery was low, same day I charged watch it got extremely hot and never turned back on... I'm afraid I fried something!

What if anything needs to be replaced in order to fix it?

I have nothing to lose... already ordered my daughter a new one.

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Sorry guy it doesn't sound good here. While the Apple Watch is waterproof it's not when you have a broken screen or other void in the shell where water can enter.

The fact the watch is getting hot implies the circuitry inside had gotten wet. The only question is how bad and if replacing the display alone will fix things. You might also need to replace the battery.

Here's the IFIXIT teardown for the Series 2 which is the same for the Series 1 (not the original though its different): Apple Watch Series 2 Teardown.

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