Need to disassemble my Galaxy S7

I would like to clean the interior of my Galaxy S7. What can go wrong? What should I do to prevent damage. I find part by part tutorial here, how will you estimate it, is it worth watching?

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Quite a few things can go wrong.

-Back glass may crack if removed wrongly. Paint on the back glass can be chipped off or stick to the adhesive if not properly removed, leaving the back glass quite ugly.

-While removing the NFC/QI antenna and speaker be careful not to damage motherboard the removing them.

-Disconnect battery ASAP to prevent damage from electricity flowing trough the phone.

-While disconnecting antenna coax cables and other connectors on the MB, use only plastic tools and be careful to not damage any components or the flex cables themself.

-The charging assembly can NOT be removed without removing the display.

And of course, ground yourself and mind ESD.

Do i think it is worth it?

- If you have done it before and have all the proper tools and knowledge of the S7's design, YES.

- If you have never done it before, and do not have all the proper tools, and like to keep the phone working afterwards without having to replae for example the back glass, NO.

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Before tear down your device, you should know more what's inside it and what tools you need. This is iFixit teardown process, may this help you.Desmontaje Samsung Galaxy S7

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