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Modelo A1103 / 1.25, 1.33, 1.42 o procesador G4 de 1.5 GHz

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Mac Mini won't boot anymore

What do I do if the internal drive won't boot, but on booting the utility CD and going to Disk Utility, I can see the drive, but the "Verify Disk Permissions" and "Repair Disk Permissions" buttons are grayed out? The "Verify Disk" and "Repair Disk" buttons are useable, but they both simply run through their checks and come up clean?


This is a Mac Mini, Model A1103, all original equipment. 80GB original disk drive. This was all working fine as of about a week ago. Machine belongs to a friend, and neither of us know exactly what happened to it exactly.

Disk Utility originally only showed me the image for the Apple Install CD I booted to get over to Disk Utility. I forget now what all the steps were that I took, but now I can see the hard drive in Disk Utility. However, when I attempt to repair it or perform any sort of operation that attempts IO over the entire disk drive, it will eventually hang. It is interruptable, but there is a point beyond which none of the tools I have tried will go.

I have both Disk Warrior and Tech Tools 4, and nothing gets beyond a certain point.

It is probably no longer relevant as to how to recover boot sectors (or whatever a Mac OS X disk needs to perform an initial boot). I am guessing the drive is fully fried and needs replacing.


BTW, I did try putting the machine in target mode for the internal drive. Same sad results... could not perform adequate repairs on the drive no matter what I tried. KR

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What do you get on the screen when trying to boot from the hard drive? Have you ever been able to boot from this drive on this machine?

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Is this the original hard drive? In Disk Utilities do you get two hard drive images for the same drive? Click on the upper image and see what the write status is. Also is the Partition Map Scheme : Apple Partition Map

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Seems to be a bad harddisk or a broken connection to it. Did you drop the machine?

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Looks like you've just about exhausted repair technologies. You can still try to boot it into Target Mode via a firewire cable to another Mac, by holding the "T" key down on startup. This way you can attempt file recovery and another attempt at disk repair. Next you may need to replace the hard drive. Here's the procedure: Mac mini (PowerPC) Hard Drive Replacement

Use a 2.5 IDE/ATA hard drive.

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