After Battery Swap on HTC One M9 Camera Stopped

I have an HTC One M9 and the battery was no longer holding a charge for more than an hour. So I ordered two new batteries, and the second one work. I have wonderful battery life now.

The problem is, every time I try to access the Camera app, I get an error message stating that the camera has stopped working.

I believe that while reassembling the HTC One M9, after the battery swap, that I must not have reconnected one of the connections correctly, hopefully, on of the ribbon cable zero insert force connectors. From watching a couple of tear down videos, this is most likely the daughterboard to the motherboard connection. Which of the zero insert force ribbon cables inside of the HTC One M9 is the connection for the camera/daughterboard? I think it is the top one on the left side as you look at the camera innards with the back cover off.

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