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Why do I have Internal screen stain on my iPhone

Hi, please I thought iPhone 7 was supposed to be water resistant but after I merely rinsed my phone for like 2 seconds after it got dust on it, the next day I began to notice water stains under the screen and I google it and multiple sites say it will easily dry after drying it in uncooked rice which I did. The problem now is after it dried it left a yellowish stain in the internal screen. Any idea how I can fix this?


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Water resistance breaks if someone dropped or disassembled the phone, also it only covers liquid ingress, gas phase moisture, in plain English, water vapor, can still enter through the vent port in the bottom left and when you put it in the pocket of your sweaty shirt, then clean it with cold water, it condenses.

Which ends you up with a water stained phone.

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Despite the fact that it has IP67 water-resistance, Apple does not cover water damage under warranty. You may need to replace the screen. That is very expensive, but the only thing it can think of that fixes it. Reemplazo de la pantalla del iPhone 7

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