Released on March 3rd, 2017, the Nintendo Switch is a handheld that can be played on the TV or on the go.

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Dock not working showing on tv


I seem to be getting multiple issues of the dock not working on the tv. you put it on the dock and the light in the lower left illuminates indicating it has recognized it and from what i can tell it is charging, however it does not show on the tv. i would imagine it indicated a problem with the HDMI but has anyone encountered it or know how to fix it?

Thanks :)

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Hi James,

I believe this is a common problem with the dock and may require you sending it into Nintendo for a replacement.


thanks for the comment, unfortunately sending it to Nintendo is not a option


James, I believe @tronicsfix may be able to help but it may be a day or two before he logs on next.


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Try to get help from, or choose a Switch replacement like the Kacosata one.

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