Ulefone power 2 Display or Digitizer Replacement

Hello everyone.

I dropped Ulefone Power 2 to the ground, the touch screen broke.

I bought a digitizer for replacement parts, but I am in trouble understanding the disassembly method.

As a state the screen display and the touch screen are working normally

There is a crack in the glass.

If there is a person who disassembled and repaired this model, please tell me how.

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got the same problem, just tried it.

The display has to go out to the front, you'll have to get something between the display itself and the rest of the phone. A credit card worked fine for me. Of course you'll have to remove the display wires at the back of the phone, the back-cover is just clicked in.

Note: You'll have to take out the display to the "north" of the phone, otherwise you may break the fingerprint sensor.

I killed my phones buttons (power button etc), their cable seems to be quite fragile so don't move the "motherboard" too much.

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I was trying to separete the broken digitalizer from the working LCD today. I ended up breaking both of them. I would suggest to change both at the same time.

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