Toshiba Satellite c55-a wont boot

Hi, my toshiba laptop will not turn on. Prior to it not turning on it began to take a while to boot up, (from a black screen to the toshiba loading screen), but now it just stays on a black screen. I have tried a hard power cycle, and the power light on the laptop does light up with turned on with battery or ac adapter, along with the charging light. Thanks for any replies

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It turns on and goes thru the Toshiba welcome, enter my pin and screen goes dark and will not loan windows 10


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Does the laptop seem to be powering on the disk drive and the fans? Try connecting to an external monitor, if the external monitor is black or does not see a video signal, then the problem could be a defective graphics adapter which is generally built into the system board. If the external monitor works then the problem is a defective display or the back light has failed.

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maybe if you chick your laptop memory it is good idea.

clean it or replace it .

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