Xbox No Audio/Video and Disc doesn't eject

Hello I have tried searching for help with this issue but have not found a solution. My original Xbox (not a 360, the original type) turns on without any blinking codes or any issues. However, it does not have any audio or video go to my TV. I have the original cable and I also bought a new one, and neither work. When I unplug the cable, the orange/green light starts blinking (so at least it does detect the cable when it is in). The only other issue is that when I try to eject the disc drive, it constantly blinks green and tries to eject (I can hear some sounds), but it doesn't eject. If I manually eject when it is turned off and then turn it on, the disc drive DOES go back inside by itself. It is just having issues ejecting. But honestly, if I have to manually eject everything I am fine... the bigger issue is no audio or video. Can anyone recommend anything to determine what the issue is?

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