Why is my samsung level u stopped working and charging?

The headset is not working at the same time not charging ofwhich previously it was.

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Does it work while on the charger?


Yes... Its working while charging?


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Hello Kenneth,

My description of the fix can be done by someone with the tools to work on miniature electronic devices

but I think it is beyond the capability of most consumers. If you would like the challenge by all means have a go at it since it is useless as is.

I have a Samsung Level Pro headset that would not charge and therefore would not work with a discharged battery. By looking into the micro usb receptacle where you plug in the charging cable I can see the tiny connection terminal was smashed beyond repair. This would happen if the cable connector was force into the receptacle turned in the wrong position. By opening the plastic encasement the receptacle could be replaced but would require unsoldering it from the circuit board, inserting a replacement, soldering it to the circuit board then cementing the case back together.

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No my level headphone has a problem of on/off nothing else

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