Right side of earbuds doesn't work

I've had these earbuds for about 2 months now, but after one subway ride. The right side of the earbuds doesn't work anymore. The right earbud has no sound, the in-line mic along with the controls doesn't work. It's not my phones problem because I tried using the same earbuds on different devices. FYI my left earbud has sound, that's all I have going with these earbuds. Fixes? Thank you beforehand.

I still have my warranty, but the shipping fee and all that trouble isn't really worth it. So if they cant be fixed what are good earbuds under $20? Thanks!

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This likely is not the answer, but have you pushed the end all the way in? I had that with my PC and noticed I only had sound on one side then when pushed end all the way in, it worked again.

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Thanks for responding, i have pushed my earbuds in all the way. Thank you anyways :D


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usually with my pairs, the cord on the inside is damaged and/or broken. try putting the cord in different areas.

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