Home button missing some functionality

Okay am going with this because this is 1st in the website been lookibg around but nothing

I replaced a screen on ip7did every thing carefully heat gun slowly removed the home button though its not my 1st time dealing with ip7 but the home button is functioning crazy dnt know of the case of the home button before the fix but the owner kept crying that her phone home button was workibg though the screen was badly cracked.

Any ways the home button works but its missing the function of going to home screen or it works if i double tap or hold, even the touch id works but the wont take u to home and its really heavily responsive

From now on idecided to check on the functionality of the homebutton before taking any ip7 business but in the same time i wont to help thr customer if any of you got sny thing


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@tniriblizard function testing is definitely a good idea, helps create a clear line between what you’d be responsible for vs. what’s already damaged, can be tricky when the screen is not functional. If you’ve already went into the home button settings and adjusted everything accordingly (click-speed ) and home button settings in accessibility. If the customers backed up also wouldn’t be a bad idea to hard reset, allows you to rule out a software issue. If all fails, it can very well be a damaged home button or Taptic Engine, keeping in mind that the home button doesn’t physically move in the 7. Best of luck!

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Ty for reply but, extta to that today i opeb and iphone 7 and boon goes into bootloop and stuck there got me in huge trouble am not taking ip7 any more due to these issues but hoping to know and update my information if there is any thing with ip7 and above

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Damaged home button more likely. But possibly Apple will say that this is caused by the software and it will remedied.

I've seen this issue.

Paying for a new home button from the Apple store is the best bet in my books...for now

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