Completely Dead MacBook Pro After Keyboard/Top Case Replacement

I just followed this repair guide: MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2010 Upper Case Replacement

I bought a used MacBook Pro (Mid 2010) 13-Inch with a bad keyboard. This isn't my first time repairing a Mac. I've worked with Macs and iPhones before. The MacBook Pro was in good working order, it worked great except for the missing key on the keyboard.

Anyway, I've double checked all my connections multiple times. When I plug in the charger, I get no indicator lights. The battery indicator lights on the side of the laptop don't turn on. I know the battery has at least 80% charge, but it won't turn on with power cable attached or on battery power.

I tried to reset the SMC like 10 times. Nothing. It's like a giant paperweight.

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Just to clarify, is there any sound coming from the laptop when you hold down the power button? And when you replaced the keyboard, was it a completely new keyboard installed on the new uppercase or did you transfer it from the old uppercase?


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Dear Friend,

have you had the CPU and GPU fans On?

Have you tried to turn it ON by power pads? If you don't, try to do this.

check this link in oder to find the power pads ON on yuou logic board: Power button doesn't work logic board damaged..

If it turns ON by power pads, probably your new keyboard flat ribbon is not connected correctly or is not deeply inserted.

If don't, try these steps:


Step 1. Make sure the power adapter is unplugged from the notebook, but still plugged into the wall socket.

Step 2. Hold down the power button for exactly 10 seconds

Step 3. While still holding down the power button, plug the power cable in, and keep holding the button until it comes on.

If that didn't work after waiting 10 more seconds, try this

Step 1. Open the bottom of your Notebook with a tiny screw driver

Step 2. Take out 1 memory stick

Step 3. Try and power it on, and if that didn't work, put that memory stick back and then take out the other memory stick if you have one.

These steps should work. If they don't, you them should start to be worried about your logic board.

I hope I helped you!

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