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The Samsung RF34H9960S4 is a French Door Refrigerator with a 33.9 cu. ft. capacity, featuring four doors, a FlexZone Drawer with adjustable temperature settings, a Twin Cooling Plus® system, and a dedicated Beverage Center. This model also includes LED lighting, Power Freeze and Cool options, and a door alarm for added convenience.

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Why is my refrigerator display beeping and blinking?

Hi All,

I'm having a problem with my Samsung Chef Collection Refrigerator (RF34H9960S4AA), which

When I select a type of ice on the outer control panel (top left door), it will begin to beep and the display with flash after a few seconds. This has nothing to do with the inner temperature (which remains at 37 degrees F) as the beeping happens even with the door closed.

Also, when I try to reset the filter (bottom right door, inner control panel) a ER PC shows up on my screen. I've researched this online and spoken to Samsung support and they linked me to a picture of the user guide, which shows to disconnect a wire above the upper left door on the panel, however the picture does not look at all similar to the panel I've encountered, and there are numerous wire harnesses inside the panel, so not sure which (if any) to disconnect and reconnect.

Does anyone know why this might be happening?

Thanks very much!

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Ended up just slightly pulling out all of the various harnesses. Seems to have fixed it now. This happens every 3 - 4 months, so it is a bit annoying, but I suppose I can do this for now.

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@ilios12 this error is a communication error "1-1) If there is no answer for 10 seconds after the panel micom received the requirement of communication,

“Pc – Er” display on the panel PCB will be ON/OFF alternately until the communication error is canceled.

(0.5 sec ALL ON, 0.5 sec ALL OFF alternately)

1-2) “Pc – Er” display on the Pantry Room Display will be ON/OFF alternately until the communication error is canceled. (0.5 sec ALL ON, 1.5 sec ALL OFF alternately)

now you told us that Samsung send you to a picture to "pull a wire" see if this one is like yours

Block Image

to place your refrigerator into a test mode check this link

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Mine looks slightly different than this - it's the model in this video: I'm seeing multiple blocks of wires on the left hand side, but none that look exactly like the one in this image.

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@ilios12 I wondered about that. If it is unplugged, what would the harm be in unplugging all of them? Should be okay for as long as you reconnect them properly.....

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