Released on March 3rd, 2017, the Nintendo Switch is a handheld that can be played on the TV or on the go.

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Consoles no longer turning on after swapping internal memory

Hello there,

i have 2 consoles here with me, one of which has a cracked LCD and another that has a parental lock on it. out of curiosity i decided to swap the internal memory chips around to see if the parental lock was bound to the memory chip or one of the other boards. before removing the memory i made sure to disconnect the battery. once everything was all set up and ready to go i tried to turn them back on again to no prevail unfortunately.

any ideas or suggestions to help me here?


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slight update, i swapped the memory chips back, the one with the parental lock turns on again but the one with the cracked screen still does no turn on


I'm assuming you made sure the battery was fully connected and charged?


you would be assuming correctly :)


Hello James, would you happen to still have one of these systems with you? I'm looking for a replacement part.


no sorry no longer have it


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People in this reddit thread claim that, similarly to 3DS, Switch's memory modules are not swappable. Apparently memory modules are locked behind device's unique key.

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