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which piece is this one?

Hi friends!

I've recently changed the battery to my Samsung Tab S10.5, and after closing the device, I've realizad that I forgot to put a piece.

The problem is that I'm not able to identigy which piece is and where to locate that piece.

I leave a linf. Thanks for your help!!!!

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This part comes from home button and touch buttons location.

Your tablet will work without it.

You can see it in this Picture:

Left side under plastic housing close to button connector. :)

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Finlly I went to a Technical Service, cause the battery that I bought on Amazon Marketplace was a really bad quality one (Amazon has refunded the whole ammount, well done!!), and the guy from the Technical Service told me this piece is located between the chasis and the microphone, to cushion the vibrations.

- de

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