Back Camera Failed after repair with correct model camera


I am fixing a Galaxy S7 back camera, I have multiple of the correct type of camera tested, all have failed, with matching model number. It's the Sony camera, which was a little harder to find. I've looked everywhere regarding this issue and cannot find very much information about it...

Is there something else that needs to be done to get these cameras to be recognized? Are these cameras I have potentially defective? I have tried resets, safe mode, clearing cache, wiping cache from Odin, resetting the settings of the camera app, tried multiple camera apps. All of these options have failed.

Thank you in advance!

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What is 'wiping cache from Odin'? Could you clarify on that?

And I suppose you did try a factory reset and reflashing firmware via ODIN or Samsung Smart Switch.

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The Odin menu, that lets you wipe the cache before going into the phones software. Factory reset yes, the other two, no. Also I want to try to avoid any resetting if at all possible, as it's not my phone.

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