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Model A1136 / 30, 60, or 80 GB hard drive / black or white plastic front

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Which 80 GB HDD for a 30 GB iPod


I am refurbishing my iPod Video 5th Generation Late 2006 and I am looking for a 80 GB HDD that fits into the 30 GB rear panel. I know from previous posts that Samsung has a 120 GB HDD that fits, but I don't need anything that large.

I did some research on the internet, but came out empty-handed and extremly confused. I am fairly new at this.

Any suggestions?

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@sopholiver this drive :

Manufacturer: Toshiba

Model #: MK8022GAA

Capacity: 80 GB Unformatted

Dimensions: 1.8" wide x 5mm tall

Speed: 4200 RPM

Buffer Size: 2 MB

should fit your iPod video without any issues. Make sure that you measure the thickness. The iPod Video uses a slim drive. If you cannot find one with the same thinness as your iPod you can get a slightly thicker one. For that you will require a few other parts as well. The iPod 5th gen 60/80 GB are thicker drives. You will require a deeper rear panel, a new head phone jack since the cable has to be longer as well as a new battery for the same reason You will also need the rubber bumpers from the bigger drive as well. Not an outrageous cost for a pretty straight forward swap.

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Thank you so very much.


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