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Backlight not working after LCD replacement

Hi all.

I know a few questions like this have been asked before, but I feel as though mine is slightly different.

The LCD was cracked, and I elected to replace it myself (as I've done many times before). Managed to get the old one off, turned it on and the back light was still on. Then turned the MacBook off, put on the new LCD, and in my haste, I think I plugged in the backlight cable to the PCB the wrong way around.

Now I get signal, but no backlight.

To my knowledge, this should of blown the fuse labelled 'P' on the logic board near the LDVS connector, but I checked that for continuity and it beeped. What else could it be? Where else shall I put my multi-meter? Could it be the backlight itself?

Any help would be appreciated!


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Probably has damaged the backlight chip, but get a schematic and follow the backlight signal from the LCD connector and see if anything looks bad along the way.

Haven't plugged in the backlight cable backwards myself, so I am not sure if there is a common part which blows when doing this. Have you tried the old screen and checked the LCD cable and the inside of the LCD connector?

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These make sense… let me give them a try and I'll get back to you! I'm hoping it's not the PCB on the new LCD. If it is, can it be fixed?


In theory it can be fixed, but you need to know what part on the LCD PCB is affected, and have a broken LCD of the same version (Samsung, LG, etc) to pull components from, since there are no schematics for these. There is a fuse on the LCD PCB I think, so you can check continuity on this.


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