Modelos de MacBook Pro con una pantalla de 15"

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The apple logo lights up on the back but the screen stays black.


Can tell me if this is the backlight chip or something else.

On an external display everything works perfectly.

The screen itself is perfect and tested on another screen but the problem remains the same.. The LCD connector is perfect and without damage.

Logic board number 820-00138

At startup everything works perfectly. The apple logo lights up on the back off the screen but the Lcd stays black. This has to do with the backlight chip or something else. Does the backlight chip affect the boot of your LCD? The backlight chip looks good without defects but I do not know where to go search now.

I hope somebody can send me on the right track.

thank u

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I also have this problem. Where do I find the components FL8300, FL8301, FL8302 and FL8303? Logic board 820-00426


Should be in the same place as the other 2015 schematics; there are none available for your model


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Try reconnecting the LCD cable screen side; this can cause backlight to work but no picture, usually after a drop.

If not this, check L8300 and all the dual ferrite beads for the DP_INT_ML_C_P and DP_INT_ML_C_N signals, make sure they get continuity and haven't burnt. These signals tell the display when to show image (what LVDS_CONN_A_CLK_N and LVDS_CONN_A_CLK_P used to do on the older models, except there are more signals on the newer models doing this), so if one of these components are not getting continuity due to being burnt, it will just sit on a black screen; since the screen doesn't know when to display certain signals.

Get a schematic and board view file for your specific board and check it out.

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Hello Efix, The problem is not the l8300 this has 5v. The backlight chip looks good. Is the backlight chip responsible for the power to your lcd?


The backlight chip lights up the screen, so this is fine. Check continuity on L8300 along with all of the FL8300 to FL8303 components, or check voltage both sides to make sure it passes through.


Thank u Reece,

The FL8303 was defective and have replaced them and works back perfectly.

thank u sir,


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